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Hi, Mr Fourth Horseman!
How's your apocalypse going?
I saw anr had word counts for her various fics, and I like the idea of keeping track of how many words you've written on that thing that's hanging over your head. For me, the hanging thing is my phd. So here it is:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,100 / 70,000

I'm also going to keep track of my projected finishing dates. According to my supervisor I should have it finished within 3 months. Since that thought makes me laugh hysterically (by hysterically, I mean with hysteria), I've decided to aim for 6 months. From 15th May 2006. And I'll give myself an extra 4 or 5 weeks on top of that, just in case. So, I'll be finished by Christmas, this year, which is why this entry is dated December 25th. Right.

Expected Completion Date: 14th November 2006

But I'll allow until: 25th December 2006

ETA: I've revised my word count down, because it looks like I'll be writing about 180 pages, which is more like 70 000 words. I think.

30/05: Just wrote my discussion and my brain is broken.

15/06: I now have (incomplete) drafts of 4 chapters. And no brain left at all.

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It's so cute! Go watch the little kitty cat being adorable here

Watching that, I'm very nearly convinced that I need to get a kitten. Because I want a little kitten that will frolic on my laptop and generally be adorable and then will go to sleep in my lap and be even more adorable.

This bout of unprecedented gooeyness is bought to you by:

Thesis! Destroying the minds of poor grad students since the Middle Ages!

Babies! A friend gave birth to her first child yesterday and I was all "aw, a baby!"

I'm being all gooey and shit. And it's very, very weird.

But that kitten really was cute.

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Saw that various people on the flist (meyerlemon, maddeinin, shadowserenity) had done this haiku meme, so out of curiousity I gave it a go.

motherfrakker, it scared me. For a second I thought I'd posted something completely bizarre and then had a blackout and completely forgotten it. I actually searched my journal just in case.

When you read it, you'll think "what on earth is she on about, that's not scary". To me, the first haiku is about the most out-of-character thing that I would ever say (or even think about).

haikus hereCollapse )

Haikus available here

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If you watch Grey's Anatomy at all, you have to go watch this video:

Click here

It's from the network thingy that is on this week, where they announce which shows are coming back next season. The video starts with some clips from the show and then, the funny happens. OMG. It's about 4 minutes long ... you'll know exactly why you need to watch it when you get to about 2 minutes 30.

I'm going to go watch it again now.

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I have to brag, because it's so rare that I actually cook something, let alone get it right.

It's a running joke in my family and The Boy's family that I never cook and that I don't even know where the kitchen is. The Boy's family call him "Martha" as in "Martha Stewart" because he likes to cook when he has the chance, and he's more houseproud than I am (it has a roof and a bed, that's all I care about). They also joke about how I'm so bad in the kitchen I even burn microwave popcorn. Which, unfortunately is true. I put the popcorn in the microwave and then forgot about it, and only remembered when the smoke alarm went off and I had to take the bag outside and pour water over it to stop the smoking and semi-burning. I actually can cook, when I set my mind to it, it's just that I generally don't like doing it. To cook something nice takes time and effort and it's wasted if you're only cooking for one. The Boy plays so much sport that we only have 2 nights a week together (Tuesdays and Saturdays, sometimes Sundays). He doesn't usually eat much on the nights when he plays sports, so I don't cook.

This weekend however, we decided to cook dinner on Saturday night for my mother. She's flying to Amsterdam today, so I wasn't able to see her, but we still wanted to do something nice for Mother's Day. So, we made Steak and Guiness Pie with mashed potatoes and mixed vegies, and a cheesecake for dessert. About 10 minutes into making the pie, The Boy sliced open his index finger on his left hand, which pretty much put him out of action for the day, given that he's left handed. This meant that I did nearly all the cooking. I made a steak & guiness pie, from scratch, for the first time in my life. And my mum loved it! It really was awesome, if I can brag about my own cooking. I'm so proud that I managed to do that! And now I can temporarily stop The Boy's mum from doing her little passive-aggressive thing about how I don't take care of him as well as she does. Added bonus!

I have to confess, it took me most of the day to cook and get the house in good enough shape that I was willing to let my mother see it. It was totally worth it, though. That pie was yum.

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For anyone who has ever done psychology, sociology, ethnography or anthropology ... how do you state what the strength of your evidence is? I mean, when your evidence is qualitative, not quantitative, and you want to make claims about it, what's a reasonable measure of strength?

Argh, I can't even explain it properly!

In other news, I am going mad.

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I just watched the latest Gilmore Girls ep and oh my god.


How can they take a fun, loving show about mostly positive relationships and turn it into "How to be Passive-Aggressive with your emotionally crippled abusive boyfriend"?

I read an interview with the makers, the Palladinos, and they swear blind that what they have done with the characters this season "feels true".


It "feels true" that Luke is an awful, selfish man who has belittled his fiancee for months? It "feels true" that Lorelai is completely passive and is totally willing to tolerate her partner treating her like crap for months?

That's the first time I've ever fast forwarded through whole sections of that show. I think that's one show I will take off my watch list - gives me room for tv shows that don't engage in complete character assassinations. Yay!

When I'm not so angry, I might try to pinpoint exactly what it is that has made me so angry. I think it's mainly that for the first time I found Luke incredibly unattractive. Like, I was so put off by what he was saying and doing, that I actually found him physically unappealing. And I would hate to have the same thing happen to Lorelai, who I think is played by an incredibly beautiful woman (Lauren Graham).

Sigh. So bitter.

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So, here's my tale of misery and woe.

I have the mother of all colds. This is my fifth day playing host to this cold. There is snuffling, sneezing, coughing, headaches, all of it. I am also about to get my period. I can tell, because the crazy cramping has started. I look, feel and sound like shit. I have a meeting with my thesis supervisor in just under 4 hours.


On the funny side, I just received an email from a friend from uni asking me if I had played the new Xbox 360 game Oblivion yet. She also said that she wasn't supposed to ask, because the dean of the faculty had told her that any question she had for me in regards to any computer or console game had to be prefaced with the question "how's your thesis?" (this is only funny if you know that my phd is about computer games).

Note how crappy my sense of humour currently is.

I haven't commented on journals yet, but I'm reading. The lack of commeting is partly due to the lack of coherence/funniness on my part. I would like to say three things though.

1. ignipes has written the most incredible Supernatural fic in the history of forever and I dare you to read it and not cry. ignipes, when I can do more than snuffle, I will post comments to your glorificousness. Or something.

2. maddeinin, I promised myself that I would not be sucked in ever again. You got me watching Grey's Anatomy, Bones, In Justice ... and now this thing called Foyle's War?! Curse you and your will of iron!

3. Seriously, who "demands" apologies from their friend's list? This is not related to any of the previous two things in my list, I promise. I just read this lj entry and this girl actually proudly proclaimed that she demanded, received and then accepted apologies from her friends list because they participated in a poll that was hurtful to her or some such shit. I saw the poll, it had nothing to do with her.

Sleep time now.

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killerweasel pointed me in this direction, and I would not be doing my duty to the entire human race, if I didn't pass this piece of information on.

This link is to a video posted by bailunrui that has a number of rather good-looking ice skaters, dressed as cowboys, skating around and generally being hilarious to "A Little Less Conversation". Words cannot convey the hilarity, general hotness, and oh-my-god gayness of this video.

I only know one of the skaters - Kurt Browning - but I have adored him for years, ever since he did a routine to My Sharona. I think I may have to add another 5 skaters to my love of men on ice.

Seriously, do yourselves a favour: go look here.

Also, bailunrui, if this causes bandwidth problems, let me know, I'll upload the vid to my page.

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Home sick today. No energy to do anything.

tired. sleepy. sick.

And! There's this thing that has been pissing me off for days, and it is so random. Something, either in my house, or the neighbour's house is beeping at night. I cannot find it in my house, so it must be the neighbour. Or something. I've timed it - every 30 seconds, there's a beep. It sounds like a smoke alarm that has a low battery, but it only happens at night. Because it takes me about an hour to get to sleep every night, I lie there listening to this beeping and it is so annoying. It's keeping me awake even longer than normal! The boy keeps telling me to ignore it, but I can't. I want the stupid noise to stop! grr. argh. Randomness, I know.

And the shingles on my right side are really, really hurting again. It hasn't been this bad for months. So I'm sick with a tummy bug and have shingles pain. double grr. argh.

I'm going to go away, sleep for a bit, then come back, hopefully in a better mood.

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I've been reading a bit on the internets about the reaction to 218. Things like: wasn't it great that George grew a spine, it was nice to finally see some positive emotion from Yang towards Burke, the shower scene at the end was a nice mirror of George's dream and there was interesting movement in the Meredith/McDreamy romance and ...

And I sit at my computer thinking, the shower scene at the end rates an off-hand comment about how it nicely mirrors George's earlier dream? AND THAT'S IT? For me, that was the most incredibly well-acted scene out of episode and possibly even the entire series. Meredith was like a puppet being moved around by Izzie and Christina, with big blank eyes and very clearly nothing going on upstairs. Izzie and Christina managed to convey their fear for the friend and their need to care for her, without saying a word. And George recognising it for what it was, and that he couldn't help her, even though he desperately wanted to.

There are paragraphs to be written about that one scene! And yet, it seems to be lost in all the other stuff, which was, admittedly, amazing. I don't get it. I was actually getting a bit choked up while I was watching it. For me to get choked up when there are no burly men with babies or cute animals, is a very new experience. :)

Speaking of burly ... I was going through my hdd when I found some pics from my "obsessed with Ryan Reynolds" phase. I think I might have to re-visit that phase (it occurred shortly before I discovered Jamie Bamber, which is why it was cut short).

If low-slung pants and glistening chests disturb you, look away now ...

picture of ryan reynolds. yumCollapse )
Short attention span today. I'll get back to talking about grey's anatomy.

Nah, I'm over it, so I'll summarise. Burke is a hottie, Christina is my super-hero, Alex and Izzie whatever, although the post-coital hair was very funny ... as is the "I gave you sex in a broom closet, you do it" line. I wonder ...

Meredith and McDreamy is meh, don't care. Bailey is a goddess and I would love to see her and Christina fight it out for the coolest person in the world award, because that would rock. Did I miss anything? Can't wait for the next episode!

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The things I do to avoid work.

My house is clean (er, I should say. Not clean, but cleaner). I have done 5 loads of washing. I've installed Visual Studio .NET on two computers. Searched frantically for a cd that has some software that I sort of need, but technically don't really, because I already have it installed on my pc, and installing it on my laptop and work computer is more out of convenience than necessity. But, I felt like I really needed to find it, so I searched for a long time. Still haven't found it though. And now I'm running out of excuses that don't involve recreation to avoid working. I haven't played a game or read a book or even watched BSG this weekend, because I need to do some work. I have however, done lots of laundry and cleaning (as mentioned), paid bills, gone grocery shopping and generally done everything to avoid doing any work.

Does anyone want to work on my phd for me? Or set an assignment? I'll supply lots of chocolate. :)

Still in the process of trying to catch up on everyone's lj's (also procrastinating!), and I've noticed that meyerlemon and maddeinin are obssessed with a show called In Justice. This is bad. For me, these two people occupy roughly the same role as a drug dealer does. Or that cool friend who goes "just try it once, man! You'll love it" and then you're hooked on heroin for 10 years. I believe it's called an enabler? I cannot resist the flailing about hot, burly men ... BUT I MUST.

Two questions to end this post of randomosity.

1. How do people feel about going to sexpo? A friend of mine invited me to go with her this weekend, and I found myself not only reluctant to go, but actively grossed out at the thought. It may be because I have a long running need to pretend that she never, ever has relations with her husband, and never will, because he is incredibly annoying and makes my skin crawl. So, I guess going to sexpo would mean finding out more about their private lives than I think my sanity could survive, but I'm not sure. Am I being too much of a prude? Is that weird?

2. Fucking forgot question 2! I thought of another question though, and this is for the academically-inclined among you. How much of a bad thing is it to change phd supervisors? I know it's do-able in the first couple of years, as you define your topic, but I'm in the last third of my phd ... Is it bad? Is it something I should be concerned about?

And, because I can't count ...

3. What else can I do to avoid work? :)

ETA: And also? The shingles are hurting like a bitch. wtf shingles? Not fucking fair.

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I'm still here, really.

stuffCollapse )

Will try to catch up this week, next weekend at the latest.

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yoinked another book meme from my enabl0r maddeinin who is also trying to get me to watch a new tv show (called In Justice) and my will power is crumbling rapidly.

Another book meme: the current top 50 books from whatshouldireadnext.com. Bold the books you have read. Italicise the books you might read. Cross out the books you probably won't read.

another book memeCollapse )

I've never heard of some of these: The Shadow of the Wind? The Kite Runner? Things like The Bell Jar I'll eventually read because it's the sort of thing that I feel like I *should* read, rather than actually wanting to read. Once I get started, I'll probably enjoy it, so I shouldn't complain too much.

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yoinked from maddeinin:

Book meme:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the coolest book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

"The Khaleems require such, since treachery is so much a part of their lives."

From Moontide by Mercedes Lackey - a novella in the anthology called Winter Moon (the other authors are Tanith Lee and C.E. Murphy)

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Tomorrow is the last day of my holidays. :( I just realised that I haven't commented in anyone's journal in ages, so look for a big flurry of commenting from me in the next day or so. I promise I'll start paying attention to things again!

In other news, my internet is annoying me. It keeps dropping out when I am half way through a mission in Guild Wars. I hate it when other people do that, so I can only imagine how annoyed all these other people are with me. I always try to log back on to apologise to the group, but I don't know if that helps or not. I have one more mission in the main game to do, and all the side quests that I ignored in my power march to completion. I also have the expansion to complete, but I've heard that's really hard. I don't know if I want to do that, considering how hard I've found the last part of the game.

I think I've been staring at my monitor for too long. I'm trying to keep a reasonable distance between my nose and the monitor, but I keep finding myself about 6 inches from the screen, which is not a good thing. Even my glasses aren't helping all that much anymore. I'm going to end up one of those stereotypical geeks with thick, enormous glasses that I have to wear everywhere or else I can't see anything and I squint, fetchingly. Is squinting fetching?

Unable to stay on topic, becoming obssessed with silly words like fetching, means time to get away from the computer. I feel like a little kid who is fighting to stay up past their bed time. I really, really don't want to go to bed, but I'm really tired and should sleep.

So, carry on about your day, hope all is good, there's new episode of Bones this week (hooray!) and god bless.

ETA: oh, I forgot to mention. I read a fic that managed to pair Jayne and River, I won't say believably, but the pairing was so cool and I loved it. I haven't ever really been a big shipper for anyone in Firefly/Serenity, but I think Jayne/River is going to have to be my Serenity OTP. it was so cute!

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Some days I wish I could have a do-over. I'd really like a do-over for the last hour or so.

People are fucking crazy. I would like some brain bleach to remove some of the crazy shit I have learned about weirdos on the internet.

I had a look at fandom_wank and kept looking around and somehow ended up further and further away from where I started. I learned that Laurell K. Hamilton caused a fandom wank, as did Ann Rice, which is funny, but kinda predictable. But I also read some crazy, disturbing stuff on Encycolpedia Dramatica, amongst other places. I guess I always knew there could be crazy people with livejournals, because of the anonymity and all, but whoa. Some of the journals that are out there, if they are reflective of the people who write them, whoa. Some of the journals, rants therein and fandom wanks were funny at first, in a really disturbing way, and I was doing my whole "well it takes all kinds to make a world" pretend-tolerance attitude (where I say that, but what I really mean is "you crazy fuckers, I am so much smarter, more logical and most importantly, more sane than you"). And then it just got wrong and I got kinda sick of the vitriol that people throw around so casually.

I think I'm going to retreat into my little corner of the internet and never come out again, if nobody minds.

Anyone got any glee or pictures of rainbows or something?

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Lost 210 talky. Not to be reading if not seeing alreadyCollapse )

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I'd forgotten how incredibly dodgy season 1 of Farscape could be. I had also forgotten just how awesome Aeryn Sun is. I mean, I always knew she was great, but I'd forgotten exactly how great. It's been awhile since I've watched any Farscape, so that could be why. I've watched the first four episodes of season 1: Premiere, I, ET, Exodus from Genesis and Throne for a Loss. I don't really have much to say about any of them, especially Throne for a Loss, which I mainly fast forwarded. I don't actually remember seeing I, ET before, so that was new. It was kind of fun, actually. I liked the idea of John being the alien, and being a disappointment to all these people who were hoping to find proof of aliens, because he was just so boring.

Although Crichton really does look special in those spacesuit pants,and they keep focussing on his butt! It's not my fault I happened to pause the dvd on that shot where his butt is in the foreground (I think I'm supposed to be looking at D'Argo in the background, but meh). I know that right from the beginning they were really pushing the Aeryn/John 'ship, which is great, and I love them together, but I think I have had more fun watching Aeryn and D'Argo together. They are so funny! And snarky. They snark at each other, which is great fun, but when they combine their powers of snark against John or Rygel, it's a thing of beauty.

Trying to decide if I feel like watching any more Farscape, or doing something else. Sleep is sounding like a great idea, but if I sleep now I'll never get to sleep tonight. Which would be annoying.

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omg, I totally love Jade Empire!

Wherein I ramble about Jade EmpireCollapse )

The boy and I have a new phrase too, thanks to Jade Empire. We pick up random phrases from whatever we watch/play. So "I mock you with my monkey pants" is a standard phrase, of course. The new one is "I need to put out silver bananas to catch the monkey thief!" which will make no sense, but is making me giggle like crazy. That and we are just calling each other monkey thief, because you know, monkey thief. Monkey thieves are like a crazier version of normal thieves, I think.

Wherein I ramble about work and phds and thingsCollapse )

This is getting long and rambly, so I stop now. To be playing of the Jade Empire, thinks I.

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